How To 3 Free Plugins We Always Use

Finding high-quality free plug-ins is hard. I quickly wanted to present to you 3 free plug-ins that we at Music Sound Box daily use in our productions.

1 – iZotope Vinyl

An underrated plug-in that offers a great way of Lo-Fi’ing your samples and instruments. Try it out, you won’t regret it!

2 – DSK Dynamic Guitars

Been using this one for a while. The plug-in is loaded with 3 presets of Nylon, Acoustic and Steel guitar. When you play around with the velocity, it ultimately comes quite close to a real guitar sound. Don’t hesitate to add this plug-in to your productions!

3 – Spitfire Audio LABS

Our personal favourite from the list. LABS pack a huge amount of extremely creative and high-quality sounding sounds into a user-friendly interface. Try LABS if you’re looking for something new!

What’s your favourite free plug-in? Let us know!

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