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While area residents likely welcome the rain, the lack of vegetation after the drought can cause flash flooding. Today, the city is running out of water, putting immense stress on the population and administration. Examples of drought impacts on society include anxiety or depression over economic losses, conflicts when there is insufficient water, lower incomes, fewer recreational activities, higher heat stroke incidents and even loss of human life. 0000005080 00000 n 0000014405 00000 n There are multiple human and natural system effects of which we should be mindful this force of nature costs. During floods, many animals get carried away by the force of water and eventually die. We learned in the discussions about the water cycle and weather that changes in the wind patterns that move clouds and moisture through the atmosphere can cause a place to not receive its normal amount of rain or snow over a long period of time.. 0000015195 00000 n %%EOF Many of these practices are already in use and producing results. In general, drought is In drought conditions it is very difficult to get food and fodder for the survival. Many of our cities are made of mostly concrete and other impermeable material.

Your email address will not be published. Bacteria, moulds and viruses cause disease, cause allergic reactions and begin to do damage to products even after a storm. The amount of precipitation at a particular location varies from year to year, but over a period of years, the average amount is fairly constant. As part of the smart cities programmes and data initiatives, Chennai needs to digitise itself for reimagining its future. Too little water? Drought is one of the natural disasters that can be reverted by nature itself. Hydrologists define drought as an extended period of less precipitation and stream flow. However, we can't expect small-scale farmers to implement high-cost irrigation systems. B-Air® products are certified ETL and CE approved for use in the US, Canada, Europe, and South America. 0000016049 00000 n In short, the drainage systems back up, and the water rises — sometimes into homes. The Chennai flood of 2015 caused immense loss of life and property. State Disclosures. 0000014688 00000 n In some places it rains almost throughout the year whereas in other places it might rain for only few days. Both of these scenarios affect agriculture adversely. In addition to using recycled water to help address agricultural water needs, there are many other strategies that farmers and the state can implement to make agricultural practices more resilient in the face of a changing climate: We all rely on farmers, ranchers and their supply chains to put food on our tables. Drought conditions can also make wildfire risk significantly higher. Different sets of people have different definitions of drought. 0000016007 00000 n Distribution of Droughts 6. Every day, around 14,000 people experience a…, A backyard greenhouse is definitely every gardener’s…, 550 South Ayon Avenue It was (and is) the most severe and extensive drought in the last 25 years, destroying portions of corn and soybean crops across the Midwest, causing a ripple effect on the price of food and affecting communities across America. Over the past century, like in many other Indian cities, Chennai's water demand has increased significantly due to rapid urbanisation and industrial and agricultural growth. Effects Of Floods And Droughts - Flood safety Planning.

A drought is an event of prolonged shortages in the water supply, whether atmospheric, surface water or ground water. Floods directly impact the lives of humans, bringing damage and destruction wherever they go.

What causes drought? For example, if you live along a river and areas upstream from you experience heavy rains, it could lead to a serious overflow where you live. Companies who manufacture soft drinks use a lot of water to make them. It provides food for our tables, jobs for our citizens, and it supports a significant chunk of our economy. Flooding is experienced all over the globe and for a variety of reasons — but why exactly does flooding occur? Rapid urbanisation has led to the construction of more and more pavements which prevent rainwater absorption and groundwater recharge. 0000000736 00000 n endstream endobj 60 0 obj<><><>]/ON[62 0 R]/RBGroups[]>>/OCGs[62 0 R]>>>> endobj 62 0 obj<>/Print<>/View<>/PageElement<>>>>> endobj 63 0 obj<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB]/ExtGState<>>>>> endobj 64 0 obj<> endobj 65 0 obj<> endobj 66 0 obj<> endobj 67 0 obj<>stream Thanks for signing up. No matter where you live, you are surrounded by infrastructure and systems designed to move rainwater into appropriate basins and reservoirs. Meteorologists define drought as a prolonged duration without rain. 0000001900 00000 n trailer For example, in 2004, an earthquake off the coast of Indonesia created a tsunami that gave little warning before coming ashore. Unlock 5 guidelines: Cinema halls, entertainments parks to reopen from October 15, AIIMS report being analysed by CBI, NCB denies Kshitij's torture allegation, Taj Mahal missing from UP govt's tourism ad again, CBI analyses AIIMS report on SSR death case, No poisoning detected in SSR sample by AIIMS panel: Sources, Copyright © 2020 Living Media India Limited. The amount of rainfall received by an area varies from one place to another depending on the location of the place. Floods directly impact the lives of humans, bringing damage and destruction wherever they go. Last September, the U.S. Department of Agriculture designated over 2,000 U.S. counties as disaster areas due to drought. In the face of such dilemma, the city needs to consider implementing a comprehensive plan to avert future water crises.The first step would be for Chennai to improve enforcement of existing laws on rainwater harvesting. Sometimes, however, those authorities have to make tough decisions about how to operate dams.

Most mountainous areas experience relatively consistent snowfall totals from year to year, but an unusually heavy winter of precipitation can spell bad news for low-lying areas around the mountains when spring hits. Required fields are marked *. Groundwater becomes scarce and this leads to droughts. Drought has many causes. Required fields are marked *. Heavy rains lead to rise in the water level of rivers, seas and oceans. No matter how or why you experience a flood, you need a qualified water restoration professional with quality tools to help you get your home back into working order again. Now recycled water irrigates approximately 6,000 acres of farmland including dairy, vineyards, and row crops. For example, in Sonoma County, California, recycled water is a routine part of the water system. Sonoma County, California, recycled water, North Sonoma County Agricultural Reuse project. 0000011057 00000 n Flooding often occurs when there is fast runoff into lakes, rivers and other reservoirs. For reprint rights: Syndications Today, Click here to get the latest issue for FREE. %PDF-1.5 %���� Agriculture is part of the bedrock of American life. B-Air®’s innovative products are manufactured in our state-of-the-art facilities reflecting our continuing dedication to design, performance, and safety. When heavy rains come, and water levels rise, aging dams can fail and unleash torrents of water on unsuspecting households. A second step would be to reuse wastewater. We will keep you informed with the latest alerts and progress reports. (stj�cPcP.P`n`{�� �`���p��P1�s��/�'����@�@�����[email protected]� ��s% Though all reasons mentioned above seem to pertain to natural causes, yet drought is said to be a man-made disaster in the present context. The level of water in the ponds and rivers goes down and in some cases water bodies get dried up completely. This guest post is by Fay Augustyn, conservation associate at American Rivers, as part of a blog series for Getting Climate Smart, a joint effort by NRDC and American Rivers to guide state action on climate and water preparedness. Corporate firms in the city could fund these solutions as part of their corporate social responsibility programmes, thereby reducing the financial burden on the city. That is a silver lining at the very least. Even though it is a natural disaster, it is one that can be prevented by man up to a certain extent. As most people are well aware, the immediate effects of flooding include loss of human life, property damage, crop destruction, livestock loss and deterioration of health conditions due to waterborne diseases. The most recent data illustrates that the drought and heat from 2012 caused $16 billion in crop insurance indemnities for 2012. Causes of Drought. Ground water reserves are running low, too, leaving Chennai dependent on desalination plants. These types of storms and flood events are projected to increase in the future. Fourthly, the government should provide open and transparent data on water resources and uses, such as the extent of water pipes and how much water flows through them every day. One major reason for Chennai's water crisis is poor management of demand and supply. Here is a list, Spotlight On Pangong, China build-up now clear in Depsang, Is 2020 the worst year for civilisation? So, when those drainage basins fill up, it is going to mean flooding for low-lying areas.

Droughts are a natural phenomenon that no one can stop coming, so we should make it less difficult to brace for the consequences of this natural disaster. The soil will continuously lose groundwater by the process of evaporation and transpiration. Desalination plants mean major investment and operational costs, and the Krishna and Cauvery rivers are also affected by water scarcity issues.