For many, the X-wing Fighter is the boldface of the rebellion.

This release of the X-wing Fighter includes 437 pieces, 6 very well-known mini-figures, and interchangeable pieces allowing you to switch between two different X-wings. LEGO Star Wars 10240 Red Five X-Wing Starfighter Building Set (Discontinued by manufacturer) Visit the LEGO Store.

Is it me, or is LEGO running out of ideas? 75218 X-wing Starfighter is therefore an exciting set as a range of new elements have been introduced since 2012, including a cockpit canopy that was originally created for 75102 Poe's X-wing Fighter. Ugh, this new helmets looks so out of proportion, very bad and ugly. This X-Wing is a nice update as well, however it's hard to justify 80.00 for what is, in the end, just an update. It fell apart in a move and I unfortunately lost some of the pieces, but what I do have left, my kids throughly enjoy, especially the droids. They look like they haven't been pressed down all the way. X-wing in attack mode measures over 4” (11cm) high, 13” (34cm) long and 11” (30cm) wide. Thanks for the review. Awesome! This model has all the sharp looks and cool features of the most recent LEGO sets with recognisable and fun characters from the new Star Wars movies. I love the set, but definitely would not have paid £90 for it. Minifigure design has advanced a great deal since then and this version of the character looks marvellous, featuring a double-sided head with a smile on one side and a determined expression on the other. Granted, most of these are based on the newer sequel trilogy and anthology movies, while most of the original trilogy/prequel trilogy stuff this year consists of remakes of stuff we've seen before… but honestly, that's to be expected when most of the iconic OT and PT starfighters have been produced already.I personally would love to get more sets of Prequel Trilogy stuff we haven't seen before (except in microscale) like Theed Palace, Otoh Gunga, the Geonosian arena and droid factory, Dex's Diner, the Kamino cloning facilities, the Coruscant Jedi Council chamber, Lucrehulk Droid Control Ships, the various Naboo royal starships, etc.

This design is perfectly accurate to the source material and the blue processor state indicator really stands out against the comparatively muted shades of dark bluish grey and pearl silver.
Pushing this switch forward will cause the wings to open fairly quickly, improving quite considerably upon past designs which have opened gradually. It came with 263 pieces, 4 minifigures, and a fun comic book with alternate builds! Jeez, I can't look past the new helmet.

The cockpit features a seat for the pilot, a printed control panel and two dark bluish grey grille slopes which form part of the flight control systems. And it's finally here and looks better than the older ones, but some things really bug me:- not coming with the famous hangar vehicle and a technician, not even a ladder to climb in- just 2 figs and 2 droids in a 100€ set- laser cannons too short- stupid wing mechanism where the entire top is open, not easy to fix (what was wrong about the gear?

The gear for adjusting the wings is much easier to operate than in previous models. Of the minifig-scale X-Wings, only 9493 from 2012 required the astromech droid to be placed sideways.

It makes for a different build than you may be used to utilising different types of bricks. His head features two different smiling expressions and a moustache, for which Biggs is well known. Sigh... @UVARiovia interesting point about the wings sagging when closed--the UCS has the same problem.I'm on the fence about this one. I would like to get this set but I live in Ireland so it would cost me €100 which is too much.

So, to summarize my thoughts, I actually enjoy this set and the new helmets, but I understand why people may think otherwise.

Fit each droid laterally in position (new for August 2018). Star Wars sets in the Ultimate Collector Series, Star Wars The Black Series Replica Helmets, TOP 10 LEGO Star Wars Store Exclusive Sets. I know this one has more pieces but damn if that old set wasn't breathtaking at the time.As for the new helmets, yuck yuck yuck.

The fuselage of an X-wing starfighter appears octagonal when viewed from behind and that has been captured effectively here, using two mudguard elements. Other than the fact thta both the cost and helmets are not cool ($79.99 for me), I like it but I wanted a Blue Leader X-Wing. So much hate for the new helmets lol. The previous two Force Awaken's versions have the sideways droid style however :(. There has been a fair bit of this lazy design technique in Lego Star Wars recently.

Thanks! I think this set, and future X-Wings, shouldn't be more than 70.00 (and no more than 60.00 for TIE Fighters). They made a rebels A-Wing, then re-coloured it as the latest remake of the RZ-1 A-Wing, seemingly not realizing that they are different ships. I decided to upgrade my 2012 version with the things I like from this one to make one that I'm satisfied with.

The newly developed joints and pieces that have been created since the last UCS set (7191) make this the most detailed X-wing yet. Surely it's really not that hard to pop the wings back with the lever. The main fighter build has 2 storage compartments located at the front of the ship and behind R2-D2’s spot.

However, just to recover (if just a bit) from sounding like a total moron, If the Lego T-70's were modified to hold an R2 style astromech, The easiest way would be to have it sideways.And boy wouldn't it be nice if members could delete their own comments, lol. Every time an X-Wing comes out, I think it's great and they've finally perfected it--then they release a new one a top it.

Moreover, the colour scheme of white and dark red looks superb in relation to the movies. It's hard to tell how much of this is licensing contracts requiring higher royalty payments and how much is manufacturers padding their profit margins in response to higher demand, but either way it doesn't seem to be a LEGO-specific issue by any means. )- way too expensive, even for LSW- new helmets are ok but just don't look as nice as Poe's or the U-wing pilot's I'm a huge LSW fan since 1999 but this is just a 3/5 for me. Using modern techniques and updated bricks, LEGO has continued to release variable and improved X-Wing sets since 1999 with the most recent release of the 75273 model in January 2020. This year there are over a dozen Star Wars sets featuring minifig-scale, movie-based scenes and/or vehicles we haven't seen at any scale in sets before. The mini-figure award goes out to the X-wing Fighter 4502 depicting Luke’s crash on Dagobah. 75218 X-wing Starfighter is definitely the best minifigure-scale rendition of an X-wing that LEGO has produced. The lack of flash suppressors is understandable because of the spring loaded shooters, but I think they still could have given the lasers more length.

In which case you are correct. This model contains 717 pieces and includes spring-fired proton torpedoes and a cockpit piece that is printed and unique to this set. That's crazy. The comic at the back of the instruction book detailed Luke’s crash on Dagobah and included alternate builds which were: a boat with a jet ski that detached from the boat, a full-sized communicator device, a mech, and a full-sized lightsaber handle.

75218 had smooth surface wings.