Lol. He's covered everything from video games and movies to maple syrup and deli business. FFIX World Chronology – p.44-46 of the FFIX Ultimania - Characters' personal timelines, Its design combines traditional Ixali ballooncraft with magitek-based airship technology used by Highwind Skyways. –, Yeah, "Edge" is his nickname. It says that songs should be italicized. Concept art of an unnamed airship the party pilots away from Fifth Ark.

First, what qualifies something as a Final Fantasy game? Honestly not too fussed about most of the others. Briefly seen limping away from the disaster, with apparent heavy damage. Cid even makes a final return appearance in the distant sequel, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, where he's as audaciously awesome as ever.

The player can optionally name this airship by completing a sidequest. Vaan pilots an airship which acts as a base for his party. These powerful moves are normally distributed between special characters like Agrias and Gaffgarion, but Cid can use them all. The Hilda Garde I was then hijacked by Kuja. These two facts are dramatic enough to carry a whole game on their own, but within the context of Final Fantasy VIII, it's just someone else's story.

Several Remora are seen, including ones codenamed Antlion and Tonberry. Back when I was organizing the Final Fantasy categories, I treated the concept of spin-off rather liberally (see Category:Final Fantasy spin-offs).

I should thank the kind folks at various other WikiProjects, especially WikiProject Pokedex and WikiProject Doctor Who, as I've basically just cribbed their pages and modified liberally where necessary. VI had the best cast of characters, but it was kinda light on villains. The flagship of the Resistance, it is under the command of Marquis Ondore. It doesn't end well for them. The two airships used by Mog’s warriors are said to have been fashioned by the moogle himself, with the first having been destroyed with the destruction of the Crystal of Light. In this case, however, his fight ends in death. This is the first airship to appear in the Crystal Chronicles series and the only airship that exists in the Crystal Chronicle world during this period. Even though it is called the Galbana, the player may call it whatever they like.

Cid Previa and Mid Previa "discover" it at around the same time as Bartz, Lenna, Galuf, and Faris do.

--DarkEvil 15:13, July 10, 2005 (UTC), I have a lot of questions regarding some albums: Ergheiz, Chocobo Racing series, Kingdom Hearts, Super Mario RPG, the artists singles and Phantasmagoria. It crashes just outside of the city, and embeds itself in the ground. Maybe we should put images of the video or a script resume, or a link to the video itself on another website, maybe even including a sample of the video if necessary but I'm not sure if it's the case. This time around, Cid Kramer is the headmaster at Balamb Garden, a school for teenage students/elite soldiers. IV cemented my love of JRPGs, and VI surpassed it in almost every regard. In Final Fantasy Tactics, there's an errand related with this airship. — Cuahl 6 July 2005 19:26 (UTC), Well, I kinda sort stepped on Cuahl's toes there, but I've just performed a major overhaul of the Cid (Final Fantasy) page, expanding numerous entries and adding images of pretty much every Cid is there. Edit away! Cid fights for the people against the race of God-like fal'Cie.

The Falcon appears in the Field Music Sequence for "Searching for Friends". Although Cid will almost surely die through normal play, it is actually possible to save his life, though the process is tedious and, frankly, not worth it, as Cid's survival locks out one of the most dramatic scenes in all of video games. There are three main types.

My big concern, at this stage, is finding an good quality image of Cid Fabool IX from Final Fantasy IX, who for some inexplicable reason doesn't seem to have any kind of character artwork whatsoever (I even pulled the old FF9 artbook off my shelf to check). Akademeia airships cannot fly to other nations' air space and thus the range starts limited but more destinations become available as the dominion expands. Princess Garnet has faint memories of "the eye in the sky" destroying her hometown, referring to the red bottom of the Invincible. The airship is required to reach the Sealed Cave where the Djinn lies, as the lake in front of the cave prevents entrance by foot. It is unique in the fact that unlike other obtainable airships in the game, its interior can be visited. One of the most famous FF staples is Cid. Glaive's Airship serves as a dungeon, its station at a lake for refueling. purge]Cid is derived from the dialectal Arabic word سيد (sîdi or sayyid), which means "lord" or "master.". For example, Final Fantasy IV Celtic Moon should be italicized, but "Into the Darkness" should be put in double quotes. Along with Final Fantasy II, Final Fantasy XIII is the most polarizing entry in the long-venerated RPG series. Shipping Cid in either of his animal forms would be difficult to justify, except perhaps a really weird Cid/Quina fic that involved Cid trying not to get eaten.

I'd have to say the VII Remake has best overall cast. Start a new thread to share your experiences with like-minded people. New to the sequel are Airship FMS. ~ Hibana, I've created Template:FFVII character (how to) and I'll go about using it now. The Leviathan is the flagship of the 8th Fleet of the Archadian Imperial Army and is commanded by Judge Ghis. The Alexis II is a enormous passenger airship, revealed later to had been a test vessel for the Alexis. While the game is often criticized for being over-complicated to a fault, its Shakespearean influence shines strongly with Cid, from his relationship with his son to his grander arc within the story, in which he seeks to do good deeds, only to bring about death and self-destruction. Well, I actually like both types, so I'm wondering if there's some way to use both. Originally the Destroyer-class airship of the 12th fleet, it has been a standard to include Catoblepas in every fleet. Once Cid is restored to human form after Hilda is recovered from Kuja's clutches, he embarks on a quest to construct a steam-powered airship surpassing Hilda Garde I. It also contains a sky saloon created by Tomaj where Vaan can buy and sell raw materials, craft weapons, and sell items. Fortunately for Firion and his friends, Cid gifts them his prized airship while on his deathbed, giving them the edge they need to continue their quest to defeat The Emperor and his minions. In a rare development, but following the precedent of FFXII, Cid finds himself battling our heroes as an anti-villain against whom Lightning has no choice but to fight.

So many images seem to make the page a little overloaded, but I'm loathe to remove them, as they all really should be there, IMO. In Spira, most people follow the teachings of Yevon, which forbid the use of Machina, or machines.

Akihiko Yoshida artwork of Cid's Airship (DS).