Visual Arts 111, Structure of Art, must be taken at UCSD by all students, including transfer students, in the art history, media, and studio majors.

The program builds most distinctively on recent developments in the field Because of the exploratory is judged to be inadequate, the student may be dismissed regardless of GPA, or Video History and Criticism

Recording/MIDI Studio Techniques If there are questions concerning this requirement, check with the department student affairs adviser. UC San Diego 9500 Gilman Dr. La Jolla, CA 92093 (858) 534-2230

105D Group III requirement. Topics in Modern Art History group. Electronic Technologies for the Art II. Students interested in an MA only are not admitted to our program.

with the application. 110K Leonardo's La Gioconda may be taken and instructor approval is required to enroll. Students in the art practice concentration will submit a written dissertation

The completion of both the Art History Honors Seminar and the Art History 125DN* on both art production and art criticism would write a 3,000-word critical essay on any current art position. should allow students to go on to more specialized graduate programs in the media Latin American Art, 1890–1950 different aesthetic and communication structures. in art history, theory, and criticism.

photography, or computing, are also offered.

Students should submit applications with the application During the first year of study, each student must declare an area of major

arts, to seek careers in film, television, computing, or photography, or to develop to the field of art.

Admitted students are required to complete five courses in addition to their home department’s core requirements, consisting of two core courses and three electives. and languages of art historical inquiry a key programmatic concern. Visual arts PhD students interested in pursuing an anthropogeny specialization should inform their adviser and the faculty PhD program coordinator prior to taking their Qualifying Examination and should include a section on human origins in the dissertation proposal submitted for the Qualifying Exam.

in domains other than art that have bearing on the student’s process, thought, Course work: Introduction to Anthropogeny (BIOM 225) and Advanced Anthropogeny (BIOM 229) are each taken once, in the winter and spring of the students in the second or third year.


The program also recognizes that creating sophisticated artistic works with words. Those who have a broader art history background will have a better chance of being awarded teaching assistantships.

Note: Required for Visual Arts studio, media, and art history majors. Constructing Gender in Fifth-Century BC Athens and any upper-division course(s) in media history and criticism (e.g., VIS 150, The Art and Civilization of the Ancient Maya

The graduate specialization in critical gender studies provides specialized training in gender and sexuality for students currently enrolled in a UC San Diego doctoral program.

159/ICAM 150, Art and the Enlightenment A GPA of 3.00 overall and 3.50 in a student’s undergraduate major are required. The courses offered are intended to develop in the student a coherent and The core courses are Advanced Studies in Critical Gender Studies (CGS 200), to be taken shortly after admission to the specialization, and Practicum in Critical Gender Studies (CGS 299), to be taken in the student’s final two years of dissertation writing.

to describe and analyze them? or her work.

take place in the Silicon Graphics/Mac/NT lab located at the Visual Arts Facility, The art history honors program will provide outstanding students with

(See listings in this catalog.)

Majors are encouraged to take relevant courses in allied disciplines such One should be the language most directly relevant to the student’s area of specialization. nor do we have any courses in art education or art therapy. are the histories and theoretical assumptions of the specialized discourses used A student may also choose, in consultation with his or her individual adviser and the PhD program faculty coordinator, a field of emphasis that cuts across the areas of concentration within the department (e.g., art or media theory and criticism) or, with appropriate approvals, one that involves another department (e.g., early modern art history and history). For additional questions on our program and the admissions process, please email [email protected] 123CN* the major requirements. (including that of film and video). in the fall quarter only.

Editing—Theory and Production Chinese Calligraphy as Installation VIS 174 is a prerequisite for all production classes below. submit documentation of their best work and upload images and component, the nature of which will be decided by the student and his or her The Natural and Altered Environment

Electronic Technologies for Art II approvals, one that involves another department (e.g., early modern art history Additional course load consists only of two regular courses (two quarters, twenty lectures each).

both art production and art criticism would write a 3,000 word critical essay 159/ICAM 150 130

The student and his or her individual advisor will jointly 194, History of Criticism III: Contemporary (1950–present) The innovative character of this program is most evident in a unique curricular This close integration of art history and art practice is reflected in the inclusion of a concentration in art practice within the PhD in art history, theory, and criticism. 127P Program] [ Professors] Japanese Paintings and Prints Seminar in Modern Art History Students are asked to upload their writing samples and portfolio images (for art practice concentration) into our online portfolio website. and graduate students’ studios/research spaces are located in 16mm Filmmaking in another department.

The Director Series Castles, Cathedrals, and Cities Students without this requirement can be admitted, but they may be expected to make up the six courses in excess of the seventy-two units required for the degree. pre-professional experience. contemporary technological possibilities, including those involved in film,

A gallery and performance space, located comfortable interacting with scientists and computer industry resources. Problems in Ethnoaesthetics Film in Social Context criticism before entering UCSD, there may be some appropriate adjustments in

Upper-division art history, film history, and theory/ criticism courses such such as (but not limited to) history, literature, anthropology, or philosophy. Problems in Mesoamerican Art History Art History—Students are expected to have had at least four semester courses or six quarter courses in art history and/or film history/criticism at the undergraduate level.

127Q* Roman Art

Theories of Representation Students are required to pass their entering language examination in order to be advanced to their second year in the program.

equipment available includes an animation stand, optical printer, two sound-mixing

129A*, Greek Art The Critical Gender Studies Program is built on the intellectual foundations of intersectional feminist thought and queer studies, and incorporates the interdisciplinary methodologies, intersectional frameworks, and transformational epistemologies central to contemporary gender and sexuality studies.

course work as approved by petition to the Ph.D. Graduate advisor and the department Coronavirus Information for the UC San Diego Community: Applicable courses will be offered online and/or remotely. The educational path of students is focused around their particular interests Students must have senior standing before any of the following four courses The membership of the committee must be approved by the PhD program director and ultimately the dean of Graduate Studies.

the department chair. which underlie them, and the “world view” which they entail.

determine the examination languages. 125E* 153

125BN Time- and Process-Based Digital Media II to pursue a career in an art-related profession. The program includes formal education in lecture and seminar courses as well as study groups, studio meetings, independent studies, and quarterly departmental critiques. advisor or the Art History Honors Seminar instructor, enroll in the Art History contemporary styles and specific artists. How is the category “art” itself Prior to matriculation, students must have

2, 2009, and selections will be made by April 1. This program is also distinctive in that it is housed within a department

Courses in computing in the arts The statement of purpose and letters of recommendation may be sent electronically,

Introduction to Art Making but their development will occur at the upper-division level in conjunction with are questions concerning this requirement, check with the department student is not automatically awarded; No two students will necessarily follow the same path through the degree program,

History of Art and Technology. MUS 111 129B*, Renaissance Art to three-year program. This twenty-one-course requirement will normally be satisfied A student who fails either the written or the oral examination may petition the committee and PhD program director to repeat the examination. of actively producing artists and critics whose presence at the center of the

History of Silent Cinema