How To How To Collaborate With Other Artists?

Collaborating with other artists can be a cool way to improve your musical skills, however, the way people try to collaborate with other people is often wrong. I’ll explain why.

1 – Don’t ask to collab abruptly.⁣

In the whole history of collaborating, I’m pretty sure very few were born due to one guy saying “collab’ bro?” to the other. Try to simply start the conversation by asking some production questions, asking how some labels contacted them,… just to have some sort of connection. It’ll be much easier for you to ask for a collaboration.⁣

2 – Don’t try to collab with artists that produce the exact same style as you.⁣

There are surely exceptions, but artists may find it difficult to collaborate with producers that produce the same genre as them. The point of a collaboration is to mix up music styles of producers, so you might find another artist to collab with. ⁣

3 – Make sure you genuinely love each other’s music.⁣

Don’t feel forced, don’t be lazy to say no, and so on; make sure you truly love each other’s music. The collaboration will then happen in a much more efficient way. ⁣

4 – Don’t limit yourself.⁣

Never think “oh I don’t know if she/he will like what I’ll try to do now”. Insecurity, being also a major human condition trait, should not get in your way here; you might kay something the other producer(s) wouldn’t even have thought about!⁣

What do you think about those thoughts? Let me know! ?⁣⁣⁣

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