How To How To Correctly Present Yourself As An Artist?

Such a crucial aspect you are trying to make it in the music industry. I try to share my thoughts about it in the most transparent way. ⁣

1 – Don’t be needy for people’s attention⁣.

⁣I see this a lot; people are like “please listen to my track, I’ve put hours of work into it, I would love if you could check it out”. Instinctively, people aren’t attracted by people who are that needy. The main point here is to present yourself in a confident manner.⁣

⁣2 – Consider the other person’s point-of-view.⁣

⁣People are sometimes busy to give a full detailed answer. Even though I’m not a fan of going straight to a person without having made a connection before and telling them to check out your track, prefer saying things like “this is my new track, I would love if you could check it out if you have some free time in front of you”, plus a “you are busy; don’t trouble to answer this message later on” (these are just examples). This is a great psychological trick that will give the person you are trying to reach a sense of importance because you were aware of his “life”. ⁣

⁣3 – Be yourself⁣.

⁣I explain here some tips, but I really want to point out the fact that it all comes down to you. Take notes of these tips and then apply them with YOUR style of writing, your style of presenting yourself. That will only help improve your brand.⁣

⁣4 – Be mature and respectful.⁣

⁣This may seem obvious to a lot of you guys but I’ve already seen people getting upset when someone answers to their DM/mail 1 week later, when someone doesn’t like their craft,… If you react with respect and maturity, the same people are most likely to answer in a positive manner the next time you send them something. This all comes down to those famous quotes that are saying that spreading negativity is the worst thing you can do for your musical career. ⁣


What do you think about those thoughts? Let me know!

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