How To How To Get Better As A Music Producer?

People can easily get frustrated when it comes to stagnation and motivation. I wanted to write down some cool tips that can help you to get better every day as a music producer.

1 – Watch tutorials, take notes, and apply.⁣

The internet is an infinite source of knowledge concerning anything about music. Take that to your advantage by writing down everything you hear or learn, and then having those notes next to you. While you are producing, you can always take a look to those notes and apply the principles you learned.⁣

2 – Learn to play an instrument.⁣

Learning to play an instrument is a great tool if you want to improve as an artist. Playing an instrument inspires you to compose better melodies, develop your musical ear, and so on.⁣

3 – Remake your favourite tracks.⁣

This tip is really useful if you want to train your sound design skills as well as your musical ear. ⁣
So whenever you are feeling uninspired, remake your favourite tracks, study their arrangement and their mixing, try to recreate the sounds, or recompose the chord progression and melodies. ⁣

4 – Download templates of your DAW.⁣

When you download templates of your DAW, you instantly get an insight of what a professional arrangement and mixing looks like. If you combine this with Tip number 1, you can easily take notes while studying the template. ⁣

Talking about templates, we released 2 of them for FL Studio: a free Future House template and a Deep House-based template. The second one is to win on my latest post.⁣

What are your tips to get better at music production? Share below! ?⁣⁣

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