How To How To Stay Inspired As A Music Producer?

Staying inspired in this world of music production can be a hard task, especially when you do make a lot of music daily.

I tried to deconstruct 2 ways to stay inspired as a music producer.

1 – Listen to different genres.

If you want to stay inspired and get your creative process going, whenever you’re feeling that the writer’s block will hit you, listen to some other music styles that you normally don’t listen to. Sometimes, it’ll spark some creativity in your mind and you’ll soon get back to produce. Another great thing is that you can analyze the specific elements of the so-said genre, so that you can implement them into your productions.

2 – Don’t overproduce.

Music producers with a firm goal in mind tend to produce too much. What I mean by that is whenever you are producing for 4-5 hours straight, you’ll have to move out of your bedroom. Get some fresh air, spend some time with your family, exercise, hook up with a friend, the possibilities are endless.  And specially that time out will inspire you to make tracks so don’t underrate those moments, cherish them. Especially the example with the family, the love you’ll feel for them will become the reason why you make a certain melody. The joy of hooking up with a friend or having done a great work out will unconsciously inspire you to create specific chord progression. If you lock yourself in your bedroom, you won’t let your mind wander and think about something else than music. Your everyday life gets your creative process going.

3 – Community’s Tip

Shout out to @jeancarmonamusic for this tip ( ). “I start by adding samples, presets, or presets I made (if you don’t have a minimum amount of 5 presets, start by going to your older projects and save them) and a reference track. I think that’s so helpful so you don’t get stuck in a loop and just let your idea’s flow. If it sounds incoherent, I normally compare to the reference track and move on or change stuff”.

To let your inspiration flow, when you start something fresh, work with stuff you know spark your creativity. It could be a drumloop, selfmade presets, a chord progression, anything that’ll make you hum a melody.

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That being said, what’s your way of staying inspired? Let me know!

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