How To How To Stay Motivated As An Artist?

Having constant motivation is a challenge most artists have to deal with. To make up for that, I pointed out some tips to be less unmotivated throughout your musical journey.⁣⁣ 

1 – Track your progress.

Simple trick: take a project from 1 year ago (or some months ago) and notice how things changed. You might not have grown consciously, but you’ll see that right now you mix your track in another and better way, now you use your self-made sounds but back then you mostly used presets, … Sometimes we make changes and we progress while we aren’t even aware of it (and this apply in everyday’s life).

2 – It does take time.

If you become unmotivated, there is probably also something going on with your way of thinking. Notice that it does TAKE TIME to master a skill and to be good at something; every master was once a beginner. If you feel unmotivated, I’m pretty sure you have already thought “why can he make it while I can’t”. Comparison is a true destructor of motivation, don’t do that unless you want to study the other people’s tracks (how they mix, how they use certain sounds, …). This refers to the past tip: compare yourself to your older self and see how better you got. Don’t compare your chapter 3 with someone else’s 23.

3 – Stay focused on the long-term vision of your project.

If you want to stay motivated, you got to have a CLEAR long-term vision of where you want to go with your project. Now close your eyes, and imagine yourself succeeding as an artist, making yourself proud … What do you feel? Happiness? Motivation? Every time you feel unmotivated, close your eyes and drift into the long-term vision of your project, feel the emotions, and let those be your inner flame when you feel unmotivated.

4 – Commit to a short term plan

What actions are you taking every day in order to improve your future (musical) career? It could be making at least one new preset, learning at least one new thing, having sent at least 5 valuable DMs, … the list is endless. If we refer to past advice, if you stay focused on your long-term project and commit to a daily routine to actually get closer to that long-term vision, then you won.

5 – Don’t feel guilty if you feel unmotivated.

It’s normal to be unmotivated sometimes. Humans don’t get to feel 100% energetic and motivated all the time. Once you acknowledge that, if you react with compassion and self-acceptance, if you accept the feeling of unmotivation instead of running away from it, it’ll be easier for you to start off the next day on the right foot.

Do you think I forgot something? Let me know 🙂

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