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House Selections

House Music Redefined.


20 Inspiring MIDI files

Our MIDI files have been created with the sole purpose of sparking immediate inspiration for you. They contain drop melody chords, or just plain chords. This is a perfect addition of your House Selections experience, giving you everything you need to write great music. Tweak and rearrange the files to create your own memorable progressions! 

150 Samples

Groovy and memorable. These are the words that characterize the samples of the pack. By studying the sound design of every top house producer of the game, we can up with the drums that we know won’t leave you disappointed. 

All the samples are .wav files.

69 Massive Presets

Version 1.3.0+

When me and my team studied the sound design of top house producers, we noticed that most of them were using Massive for their basslines, leads, etc. We immediately got our hands on the plug-in and started creating a bunch of presets that nail the House groove.

44 xFer Serum Presets

Version 1.306+

A lot of factors go into creating incredible House music, but it all starts with having clean and professional presets. That why we handcrafted 44 Presets from scratch that you can use in your every production. Whether you are looking for deep basslines, lush top leads, House Selections has you covered. 


2 FL Studio Projects

When we are music producers, we can all agree that most of our skills are learned thanks to someone else: you watched an informative YouTube-video, a Twitch-stream, or you download some top-quality FLPs. We wholeheartedly believe that the FLPs we included in this pack will improve your productions. Make sure to analyze the way the presets are made, the drums are placed, or even how the track is mastered.

New Wave

Bounce in your drums and basslines.


19 Inspiring MIDI files

We all lose inspiration once in a while. When you face that writers block crucial moment, people tend to find solutions to overcome it. MIDIs files are a perfection solution if you want to spark your creativity immediately. We are sure that these chord progressions won’t leave you indifferent!

66 xFer Serum Presets

Version 1.214+

Get unique-sounding instruments by adding those authentic Future Bounce sounds to all your productions. Every preset has been designed with the utmost precision to make sure you can drop it straight into your project without spending hours processing it. We aimed to make the presets as versatile as possible, which means that you can use them in every genre.

100+ Quality Samples

Hard hitting drums are as important as your powerful leads. If your drums don’t match your energetic synths, then your Future Bounce track will lack of its well-known power. That’s why we handcrafted more than 100 sample to ensure that you are ready to make your drums punch through the mix.

All the samples are .wav files.


A Scarce Nostalgic Vibe.

3 FL Studio Project Files

3 projects are specially done for you so you can analyze the mixing, the way the presets are used, and so on!
! Requirements:
FL Studio version 20.1 or higher, OTT (free plug-in), Camelcrusher (free plug-in), Kickstart (not necessary).

140+ Samples

Filled with iconic sounds from the Lo-Fi section of Hip Hop, this pack contains the ultimate Lo-Fi samples to enhance every one of your productions.

23 xFer Serum Presets

Version 1.214+

The Serum bank contains a bunch of Lo-Fi presets that’ll add that emblematic Lo-Fi flavour to all your productions.

14 MIDI Files

Hop on that inspiration train while you’re at it. If you ever feel stuck in your music career and need a little boost, those MIDI files will surely boost your creativitiy. Expect nostalgic, calming and relaxing vibes. 

Future Bass Box 1

Your Go-To Melodic Sounds.

27 xFer Serum Presets

Version 1.214+

The Serum bank contains the following amount of presets:
– 5 Basses
– 6 Chords
– 5 Keys
– 5 Pads
– 5 Plucks
– 1 Synth

39 Sylenth1 Presets

Version 3.0.5+

The Sylenth1 bank contains the following amount of presets:
– 5 Chords
– 5 Basses
– 5 Leads
– 6 Pads
– 6 Plucks
– 2 Synths!

3 FL Studio Project Files

3 projects are specially done for you so you can analyze the mixing, the way the presets are used, and so on!
! Requirements:
FL Studio version 20.1 or higher, OTT (free plug-in), Camelcrusher (free plug-in), Kickstart (not necessary).

100+ Samples

More than 100 typical and royalty-free Future Bass samples to get you started with this genre or to expand your current sample library! Scroll down below to have an insight of the samples.


Future Sounds In A Nutshell.

35 Massive Presets

Version 1.3.0+


Parisian Vibes In Your Tracks.

47 Authentic Samples

Add more life to your music or videos by adding REAL samples of the city of Paris. Car, subway, chair, shower ambiences, everything is there to have that Paris feel!


Watch out for these exclusive bonuses:


"DREAMING" - FL Studio Project File

A deep/future house complete track on FL Studio. Analyze the mixing, the way the presets are made, etc. 

Requirements: FL Studio 20.7+, iZotope Ozone 5 (Mastering), Fabfilter Pro L (Mastering), Endless Smile, xFer OTT (Free Plug-in), Massive 1.3.0+, Sylenth1 3.0.5+, The Glue (compressor), Kickstart (sidechain), A1 Stereo Control, ElectraX, xFer Serum 1.306+.


1 FL Studio Remake File

Ellis has been our main inspiration to create most of the sounds of the soundbank We also thought that it would be great to add a remake of his track “Fuschia”, since he definitely is on top of the House genre at the moment. A remake of his track Fuschia has been added as a bonus of House Selections. Just for you, for free. 

Ellis - Fuschia (FL Studio Remake)

Requirements: FL Studio 20.7+, Massive 1.3.0+, Serum 1.214+, Kickstart (sidechain), Camelcrusher (Free Plugin), OTT (Free Plugin)


A guide with top mixing techniques

5 easy-to-follow tips to improve your production game.  Mixing is a big deal when it comes to producing, that’s why we covered some essential things you have to know about mixing, as well as some tricks that not a lot of people talk about. The guide is in a .pdf format and is added in House Selections for free. 


Professionnal Future Bounce FLP

+ 1 Secret FLP... but don't tell anyone

Get a professional sounding FLP. Everything you hear in included in the project you’ll receive.
if you want to open the project smoothly:
– FL studio version 20.7 or higher
– Massive v 1.3.0 or higher
– Sylenth 1 v 3.0.5 or higher
– Serum v 1.214 or higher
– Endless smile (not necessary)
– Kickstart (sidechain)
– iZotope Ozone 5 (mastering)
– CamelCrusher (free plugin)

Note: You can re-release this track as your own, as long as you mention me in description.

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"The sounds in this pack are extremely high quality and unique, they are mix ready and compliment each other perfectly. I had a lot of fun using it - definitely a valuable addition."

- Max Chiasson, owner of Disformity Records

"Really thick!"

- Futurise, 97 888 Spotify Streams

"Nailed the Ellis Remake."

- Esound, 231 076 Spotify Streams


Here's all you'll get.

303 Presets

537 Samples

53 MIDI Files

12 FL Studio Project Files

Music Production Guide













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Most Frequent Questions And Answers.

The project files are not only for learning purposes, but can also be used a starting point for your next tracks. If you ever release a track with one of the project as a starting point or inspiration, mention our Instagram in the descriptions of the social networks and link the product page in description.

The projects are made in FL Studio. In order to properly open the them, you’ll a 20.7 FL Studio version or higher.

Yes! All presets and samples are 100% royalty free and can be used for commercial use. Our project files, though, are not royalty free. The musical piece inside a project file can not be used and released, but the presets and samples can be used.

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